Caring Ministry of First Presbyterian Church

In 1989 First Presbyterian Church (FPC) received a bequest from Frank Smith to establish a ministry for the benefit of the needy of York City. After careful and prayerful study to determine how best to carry out the wishes of the donor, FPC started the Caring Company, now known as The Caring Ministry of First Presbyterian Church, and hired a director to provide leadership for the organization. The Caring Ministry is overseen by a director and an advisory committee comprised of FPC members.

The Caring Ministry is an outreach of First Presbyterian Church that serves those in need in York City and York County. Every attempt is made to coordinate the services the Caring Ministry provides with other agencies in York serving the client to avoid duplication of services and to insure that their needs will be met. Other social service agencies in the community often refer people to the Caring Ministry.

The Caring Ministry is staffed by a director, two part-time receptionists/utility intake workers, and three volunteers.

The services that the Caring Ministry provides include:

  • Food assistance – on average the Caring Ministry provides about 150 families/450 family members with food each month. (In 2012, the Caring Ministry distributed over 24,000 pounds of food to 1,757 households with 5,331 household members.)
  • Utility relief – we enroll Columbia Gas customers into programs that provide debt relief and monthly credits for utility customers with limited incomes. (In 2012, we were able to obtain over $600,000 in debt relief and monthly credits for 543 families with 1,665 family members.) We also apply for grants to Dollar Energy Fund for those that have had service terminated, are in threat of termination, or for those that are over income for the aforementioned programs offered by First Energy and Columbia Gas. (In 2012, we helped 165 families/517 family members obtain over $60,000 in Dollar Energy Fund grants.)
  • Prescription medications – the Caring Ministry provides vouchers for prescription medications; these vouchers are accepted by a large number of pharmacies in York. Our largest partner for prescription help is Healthy Community Pharmacy, which provides prescription medications at greatly reduced costs. (In 2012, the Caring Ministry wrote 219 vouchers for 657 prescription medications valued at over $7,000.)
  • Referral services – to other agencies that may be able to help our clients.

The Caring Ministry is open Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
To set an appointment with the Caring Ministry of FPC call: 717-848-8869.

How Can I Help?

  • Volunteer – Volunteer opportunities include: helping unload/shelve food shipments; packing food bags for clients; training for help with utility grants to aid our clients; selling food/gift cards on Sunday mornings to generate valuable revenue for the Caring Ministry. Contact the Caring Ministry to volunteer your time.
  • Donate – Food donations can be made at the church on Sunday mornings (by the nursery) or during the week in the Caring Ministry office. Please read the church Weekly Announcements for information about food items that we may have in short supply.
  • Contribute – The easiest way to contribute is by purchasing Giant “Cash for Causes” and/or Weis food/gift cards. These cards are gift cards and can be used to purchase the groceries and gas that most of us already buy. For each $20 card you purchase, $1 will go to the Caring Ministry at no additional cost to you. In addition, direct monetary contributions can be made to the “Caring Ministry, First Presbyterian Church”.