Youth Ministry at FPC

Our Vision

Focusing on the Lord above,
Growing side by side,
Reaching out to share Christ’s love
With the Spirit as our guide.

Our Mission

(Based off of Matthew 13: 18-30)

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to create good soil in the hearts and minds of the youth so that God can plant seeds of faith, hope, and love, that will enable the youth to grow and flourish as disciples of Christ.

Our Values

(Components of the good soil)

  1. Christ Centered: Christ serves as the foundation of all our youth programming. All our events and activities exist to lead youth into a deeper relationship with Christ and to grow in their knowledge of him.
  2. Partner Driven: Teachers, pastors, youth leaders, and parents work together to maintain the youth ministry at FPC. We are partners in the process of growing our youth into disciples of Christ.
  3. A Safe Place: We strive to create an environment where the youth can be themselves – the way God made them – without fear of criticism and judgment.
  4. Missional: Our youth ministry focuses on a broken world that is in need of Christ. As free and redeemed people, we delight in sharing the gospel in word and deed. We take the Great Commandment seriously in our outreach and mission. And we also realize the importance of Christ’s call to compassion, and so we extend God’s grace freely and faithfully.
  5. Relationship-Oriented: We foster healthy relationships between teenagers and
    • God in Jesus Christ
    • Family and Friends
    • God’s Creation
  6. Fellowship Based: Our youth ministry values and highlights the joy of being together in community. We serve together, we share meals together, we worship together, we play together, and we grow together.
  7. Respectful and Tolerant: We know that “there is no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, male and female, for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:28) Although our youth come from many different backgrounds and many different schools, there’s a unity that we have in Jesus Christ. Therefore we respect our differences and celebrate our unity in Christ Jesus.
  8. Emphasis on Equipping: Our youth ministry is designed to equip youth to be disciples of Christ and leaders in the church and community. We equip them by sharing the good news of the gospel, teaching them the Bible, encouraging a life of prayer, relaying the importance of worship in community, and empowering each youth to live morally and faithfully.
  9. Sharing our Stories: We are living in God’s story of redemption. In youth ministry it’s important for the youth to see how their own stories fit with God’s story. We tell stories to help each other discover how God is working in our ordinary lives. We tell stories to make connections and to illumine the “divine” in the midst of the “everyday.”