Godly Play

Godly play

During the sermon, children kindergarten – third grade are invited to the Godly play room where they will hear a Bible story and respond to the story through art materials of their own choosing.

What is Godly play?

Godly play

Godly play is a method of sharing Bible stories using simple materials, simple words, and simple movements that draw children into the story. The story is told, not read, in a way that invites all the children to hear the story as if it were happening in the present time. Silence is woven into the story to allow space for the Holy Spirit. This style of storytelling allows children to encounter God’s mysterious presence.

How do the children reflect on the stories after they are told?

After the Bible story is told, wondering questions are asked that invite the children to reflect on faith issues, not just remember facts about the story. Sometimes the wondering time is silent. The wondering time can stimulate children’s creativity and encourage a response.

How do the children respond to the stories?

Godly play

After the wondering questions are asked, the children are invited to use art materials of their own choosing to express their understanding of the story. This is their time to work through life issues that cannot always be expressed verbally. The artwork functions as a spiritual journal and provides a way for the children to remember and build on other experiences with stories.

What Bible stories will be told this year?

These are the stories that will be explored for 2014-2015.

Sep 13   Creation
Sep 20   Noah
Sep 27   Abraham
Oct 4   No Godly Play
Oct 11   Joseph
Oct 18   Moses
Oct 25   Exodus
Nov 1   Ruth
Nov 8   Samuel
Nov 15   David
Nov 22   Jonah
Nov 29   No Godly Play
Dec 6   Advent
Dec 13   Advent
Dec 20   Advent
Dec 27   No Godly Play
Jan 3   Baptism
Jan 10   No Godly Play
Jan 17   Feeding the 5000
Jan 24   Through the roof
Jan 31   Wise/foolish builders
Feb 7   Good Samaritan
Feb 14   No Godly Play
Feb 21   Faces of Easter
Feb 28   Faces of Easter
Mar 6   Faces of Easter
Mar 13   Faces of Easter
Mar 20   No Godly Play
Mar 27   No Godly Play
Apr 3   Knowing Jesus in Absence
Apr 10   Knowing Jesus in breaking of bread
Apr 17   Knowing Jesus in doubt
Apr 24   Knowing Jesus in the morning
May 1   Knowing Jesus in waiting
May 8   Knowing Jesus by the Holy Spirit
May 15   No Godly Play
May 22   Philip
May 29   No Godly Play
Jun 5   Two Great Commandments