Sunday School

Junior High

6th-8th grade: In September they will explore themes like belonging to Jesus and forgiveness of sins. By finding comfort that we belong to Jesus that even though we sin, we know that our God is a just and merciful God who gave us Jesus who saves us from our sins. The class will be taught by Ellen Chase, Luke Chase, and Charlene Shank.

Senior High

9th -12th grade: This class uses the Socratic method of teaching. Through dialogue the students are urged to articulate their ideas in order to validate their belief systems. This is a wonderful time for students to explore important areas of their faith so they can live out that faith at school, at home, and with their friends and family. The goal is to allow students to be able to articulate what they believe and then discover ways God wants them to practice what they believe. Students are encouraged to come to class with questions and topics to discuss. The class will be taught by John Davids, Ron Herman, Mindy Knaub, Pete Knaub, and Dan Meckley.