Sunday School

Our Sunday school begins on September 10th at 9:30 am. Join us!
Here is some information about Sunday school for you:

What will each age level be exploring and who will be teaching them?

2- 4 year olds: In September, this age group will hear the story of how God made the world and how God made them! Every Sunday each child will receive a story card to help them remember the story at home! The class will be taught by Stephanie Auker, Sharon McCreary, Michelle Rich, Jennifer Reilly, and Jody Sayre.

Kindergarten-2nd grade: In September they will explore the Old Testament story of Joseph. How did God take care of him? How did Joseph trust God? How can these stories help us to trust God? Come and find out! The class will be taught by Wendy Berg, Brenda Elby, Amy Golden, and Nancy Lyon.

3rd-5th grade: In September they will explore the Old Testament story of David. How did God show His power through David? How did God bless David’s friendship with Jonathan? How do these stories help us to understand who God is? Come and find out! The class will be taught by Elaine Carr, Madison Ehrhart, Michelle Ehrhart, and Jairia Kennedy.

6th-8th grade: In September they will explore themes like belonging to Jesus and forgiveness of sins. By finding comfort that we belong to Jesus that even though we sin, we know that our God is a just and merciful God who gave us Jesus who saves us from our sins. The class will be taught by Ellen Chase, Luke Chase, and Charlene Shank.

9th -12th grade: Throughout the year this class will explore important areas of their faith in order for the students to be able to live out their faith at school, at home, and with their friends and family. The goal is to allow students to be able to articulate what they believe and then discover ways God wants them to practice what they believe. Students are encouraged to come to class with questions and topics to discuss. The class will be taught by John Davids, Ron Herman, Mindy Knaub, Pete Knaub, and Dan Meckley.

What curriculum is used in the Sunday school?
The 2-4 year olds- through 8th grade are using a curriculum called Dwell from the Faith Alive Resources. The word Dwell says it all. The world is so fast-paced, so full of intensity and noise, should Sunday school be more of the same? What if the children’s and youth ministry were different? Not more of the same, but less? What if children had the opportunity to press the “pause” button on their fast-paced life and dwell in God’s presence? Dwell is a place for children to wonder, imagine, and marvel while growing in their faith and learning about God.

Where should the children and youth go on Sundays?
The children and youth should go to the class they will be attending this year. All the classes are in the Kerr education building. The 2 – 4 year old class is on the first floor beside the nursery. All other classes are on the second floor of the Kerr building. All classrooms will be clearly marked. All children’s Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. during the Education hour.