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Sermons (12)

Help in the Storm
Exodus 13:20-22
Preached by Rev. Allison Beaulieu on September 3, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
"In the Shadow of the Cross: A Blessed Place"
Exodus 12:1-14
Preached by Rev. Kyle Gott on April 13, 2017 (Special event).
"Who Takes Center-Stage?"
Psalm 34:1-8
Preached by Rev. Allison Beaulieu on November 8, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
All We Need is Love
Deuteronomy 6:1-9
Preached by Eric Chase on November 1, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
"A Story of Carrots,Eggs,and Coffee Beans"
Isaiah 40:21-31
Preached by Rev. Alicia Conklin-Wood on October 18, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
"Slaves to Things"
Psalm 22:1-15
Preached by Rev. Dr. Donald M. Rising on October 11, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
"The Way It Is"
Proverbs 22:1-2
Preached by Rev. Dr. Stephens G. Lytch on September 6, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
"From the Inside Out"
Mark 7:1-8
Preached by Rev. Dr. Stephens G. Lytch on August 23, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
"On the Move With Jesus"
Mark 6:1-13
Preached by Rev. Dr. Stephens G. Lytch on June 28, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
"Temples Old and New"
Psalm 118:1-2
Preached by Rev. Dr. Stephens G. Lytch on March 29, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
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